Jason Hubard


  • FAA Commercial Pilot Certificate: Rotorcraft-Helicopter
  • Instrument Helicopter FAA Certified Flight Instructor
  • FAA Airframe and Power-Plant Mechanic
  • FAA Class I Physical: Issued November 15, 2016

Flight Experience:

  • Total Flight Hours: 3,928
  • Flight Hours Last 12 months:185 Pilot In Command: 2,436 Instrument: 107
  • Total Night: 833 Night Vision Goggle: 675
  • Helicopter: 3,869 Airplane: 58
  • Flight Instructor: 127 Turbine: 2,608
  • Low Level: 1,686 Combat: 1,385
  • Aircraft experience in the OH-58D Kiowa Warrior, Bell 206/407, Robinson R22/R44

Work Experience:

Helicopter Air Ambulance Pilot

Med-Trans Corporation-Fort Stockton, TX: Full Time 08/03/15-Present

  • Responsible for quick response operations for patient transport including inter-facility, and on scene locations
  • Utilization of both Garmin 530/540 GPS systems as well as HeliSas Auto Pilot
  • Responsible for all pre-flight operations including risk assessment and mitigation for every flight
  • Operations conducted in High Altitude/High Density Altitude regions requiring precise planning

Pilot-In-Command, Air Mission Commander, Maintenance Test Pilot

U.S. Army – Hunter Army Airfield, GA: Full Time 09/26/05 - 09/01/15

  • Over 1,300 hours flying in combat at high altitudes and in low visibility, with over 900 hours mountain time flown at altitudes above 6,000 ft
  • Hand selected by leadership to fill the role as Air Mission Commander for direct support to special operations planning and completing multiple missions daily
  • Recognized as #1 Maintenance Test Pilot out of 8 by supervisors on performance evaluations
  • Consistently managed maintenance scheduling of 10 aircraft valued at over $60 million for a dynamic organization with worldwide responsibilities while supporting 24 hour operations
  • Selected to evaluate risk for single/multi-aircraft operations in order to identify risk and implement risk mitigation techniques to facilitate safe operations during day, night, and NVG
  • Responsible for prioritizing, scheduling and assigning operational duties of 15 crew chiefs during high operational tempo conditions in harsh work environments
  • Proficient at flying in high temperatures and altitudes while at maximum gross weight, yielding an extremely low power margin and requiring precision performance planning flying 2198 hours

Instructor Pilot, Commercial Pilot

Flap-Air Helicopter Service-Canadian, TX: Full Time 08/20/02 - 09/24/05

  • Identified course objectives, developed course materials and instructed ground school
  • Frequently conducted pipeline patrols utilizing both visual techniques and the Hawk infrared detection system during high density altitude conditions in class B airspace surface areas
  • Participated as pilot-in-command in multiple facets of helicopter use such as high-line patrol, cattle gathering, wildlife surveys and tracking, photography, cinematography, site seeing tours, and predator control flying the Robinson R-22 481 hours and Robinson R-44 731 hours

Military/Civilian Training:

  • United States Army Civilian
  • Warrant Officer Advanced Course Robinson Helicopter Safety School
  • High Altitude Army Training Site Carolina Aeronautical A&P School Maintenance Test Pilot Course
  • Aviation Maintenance Managers Course
  • Survival, Evasion, Resistance and Escape Qualified